Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Customer shared artwork

This super cute card is shared by one of our very talented customers Laura from Australia! She is so kind to share her creations with us and loves to read all the nice comments you guys leave... (hint, hint)
Image used: Doodlefactory from creatures sheet, Snargle. (link to the Doodlefactory at right)


Lydia said...

Laura!!! OMG! I love this!! When are you going to move to Texas and stamp with me?????


Donna said...

Too late Lydia. I already talked her into moving to Connecticut. I wish! Fabulous card, Laura!

Laura said...

*LOL* I think that maybe you both just need to take a holiday and fly to Australia to stamp with me! :) I would love stamping company, as I am so lonely all the time *sniff*.