Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long Live the Swedish!

I sure do love these gals, they have such a FUN and FRESH persepective on collage style stamping. Here are several cards by some of our friends across the pond. First is a card using the doodlefactory pip and oggy birds made by Emma Brannstrom. Isnt it wonderful!!

Next we have an awesome collection of cards from Nina the ever so talanted rubber stamper and stamp artist! She even went as far as to give me the translations (below the images) so we know wha they say! And here is something exciting.. Nina and I have been emailing back and forth ever since we release all those cool sentiments (in the whats new section on the website) and she agreed to help translate a bunch of them so our friends in sweden would have some super cool coordinating sentiments to play with too. So check our company blog because we are about to post our newest release... SWEDISH SENTIMENTS, a giant collection of over 75 words and sayings all guessed it................... SWEDISH!

But before you go, check these beauties out. Oh and dont worry we didnt forget about the tropic sentiments (in english) they are coming in the next day or two. Im just waiting on the proof reader to give me the thumbs up.

“Hello, hello, a TERRIBLE lot of hello” (that’s a line from a dorky Swedish song)

“Hello sweetie!”

"Miss you"
Now last but not least we have two awesome cards from Eva Andrén (also part of the swedish invasion hee hee) Arent these wonderful! I feel so fortunate that our customers are having lots of fun with their stamps and that they are sharing their work with us! thank you guys so much!!

(this one is really neat, I love the pattern paper used as a landscape.. It would make a great challange wouldnt it!)

You can thank Lisa Sommerville for this super long post. She politely explained to me that our subscribers might appreciate one long post over a ton of little posts. My bad! LOL.


Zarah said...

"over 75 words and sayings all guessed it................... SWEDISH!"

YAHOO!! *does the happy dance*

It's so much fun to watch all these cards with your stamps. They'r so fun & cute & versatile. Makes me smile every time! :D

The Doodle Factory said...

I need to learn how to color like they do in Sweden. These are always so much fun to see!

Susanne said...

Wohooo! 75 words in swedish! Can't wait.

Rose Ann said...

These are so fantastic!!! How awesome that there will be a sentiment release for our Swedish friends!! Wooo hooo!!

Nina said...

Weeeee! Can't wait to get my hands on those Swedish sentiments and the tropics set!

Thanks Tracey for the cooperation, it's been a lot of fun! We're quite a team you and me. ♥

..and thanks for your kind words about my crafting!

I LOVE the DF stamps, I really do. They are by far the funniest, cutest stamps on the market right now.


Karen said...

wow amazing!! How about making some in Danish too? :) That would rock! FAB cards as always from Nina!!