Sunday, July 27, 2008

So many new cards to share!

Check out what our customers have been up to lately! Cards from Karen and NINA!

This first card is an ATC from Karen, designed for a swap called "make me laugh" more details on karen's blog: Cool isn't it? I love the way she colored him in. Very painterly if you ask me.

And now check out the card below from our beloved Nina of Sweden (actually she currently resides in Finland but she is still Swedish lol)

And now some new Nina cards:

Translation: Congrats on the new castle. Beautifully colored!

translation: take it easy, literal translation swim calmly.

Translation: did anyone say party? and Kalas - another word for party.

Translation New Home.

Not everyone who buys a new home lives in a house you know!

Detail: You can see just which apartment these lucky city dwellers just purchased..

They left their lights on!


Zarah said...

STUNNING cards!! MY fave is the one with the lit apartment in a monochrome city. So clever, so pretty!
(But Nina lives in Denmark, not Finland. *smiles*)

Lydia said...

OMG these are brilliant!!!!

Rose Ann said...

Karen's card is so cute, and Nina's are as amazing as always!!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

love the jelly fish...

Nina said...

Thanks for your sweet comments!
LOVE that scary pumpkin to get that stamp too! :)