Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Bad!

If you have been visiting the website and blogs often you know that we have been traveling ALOT the past few weeks. We have seen some beautiful places (mostly from the road going 65 MPH), visited with old friends, spent quality time together (again, mostly in the truck), and we have gotten away from our everyday life. Unfortunately, that means that when we return we have LOTS to do. Over the next few days I will be playing major catch up. Please forgive me for being so behind on the posting. Everyone who shared cards with us via email they will be posting shortly. If we have accidentally overlooked a card or project please resend!
We have loads to share. Over the next few days I will be posting tons of new cards from customers including some of the wonderful swedish collage art from our swedish friends AND we have a special guest designer AND I will be posting several NEW RELEASES!
To start off here are a few snapshots from the trips....
A couple of weeks ago we started the LOOONG drive to Novi, Michigan for the stamp show. I was especially excited to do this show because we have friends that live up that way. One of our oldest friends Dave is a New York transplant to Michigan. He lives there with his long time exceptionally cool girlfriend Katie. Katie is a bit of a workaholic (a kindred spirit!) and one of her jobs is piloting a little ferry boat for yacht club members from the main shore to a little island where the yacht club and boats are docked. Here is the view from the boat while heading to the island.

this is Katie behind the wheel.
Here is another shot from the ferry boat, that building in the back is part of the city of detroit, on the far left (that tiny building) is in Canada.

The boat ride was one of the highlights of our trip. Another great moment from the trip was meeting Rose Ann Reynolds and getting to meet up with Juliana Swanson again. Two incredibly talented stampers both with the same affliction of modesty!

The weekend after Michigan we headed to Hamburg, NY.

Driving to Michigan is a 12 hour car ride (15 for us pulling the trailer and stopping for gas and meals etc.) so there was no way I could motivate my husband to take another 10 hour long drive up to Hamburg, NY 2 days later. So I did what I do best and "explained" to my sister that she really needed to work with me that weekend and how cool it would be to bring my neice along and go see Niagara Falls. After setting up the displays on Friday we headed to Niagara Falls and caught one of the last maid of the mist boat rides. Here is a shot of the (smaller) NY falls taken from the overlook.
This is the bridge to go to Canada (left side Canada, right side NY) that tower on the far right is the overlook deck where I took the first photo. Also from the overlook is a shot of the Maid of the mist (ok there are like 5 of those boats, I dont know which number it is but they all have the same name)

After the Maid of the mist boat ride we went to do the Cave of the winds, which is not as it would sound. There is no cave, it should really be called the Deck of the winds. Because its a series of decks build on the smaller fall. You get pretty wet on those decks. They even give you special sandals so you have more grip. We got soaked. Ever the adventurers we just HAD to stand on the deck that sprayed you like crazy. This photo was taken before the soaking where we put on our gear. Humidity hates me. This is the best my hair was going to look that day. LOL

Can you tell my neice was excited? LOL After the cave of the winds we walked around Goat Island to look at the horseshoe falls from Terrapin Point. We hung around until they put the fireworks on at 10 pm. By that time at least were were dry (sort of) I will spare you the photos though, we all looked like drowned rats.
We had a great time, it was worth the long ride!

While I was away I got an award from Petraso:
She wrote in her email:
"I have given you an award in my blog
Because your team rocks!!!"

Thanks Petraso! Your blog rocks too!! If you haven't seen it, take some time to check it out, she does some great and innovating projects, definitely worth the look!

Here is a Card she shared with us using Frozey:

Loose translation in swedish "I miss the sunshine"

Is that not the saddest yet cutest face! LOL

I also got a great email from Catherine Martinez. She shared a bunch of DoodleFactory cards she recently did. Thanks Donna B. for telling Catherine to share her cards! and Thanks Catherine for sharing your awesome designs with us!!

This one is really cool because it uses the little DF creatures. They are sometimes overlooked because of their size but they are great for scenes to show distance and look how cute they are all lined up together!

that cupcake looks DELISH! More cool art to come tomorrow!!


Donna said...

great pics from the trip! the Frozey card is cute - love the yellow eyelids with eyelashes! Catherine's cards are all great - you can tell she's enjoying her DF images!

Donna said...

Looks like you a great trip, but it's nice to have you back, T. I always enjoy seeing customer cards posted here...there's always something unexpected like those yellow eyelids on Frozey! And...did I hear someone say NEW RELEASES?

Rose Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your traveling stories and pictures!! It was sooo great to meet you!!

I love all of those adorable customer cards!!

The Doodle Factory said...

You've been busy Tracey! You reminded me of my of trip to Niagara falls - geez, it's been 6 years already. We missed the boat, literally. They'd just stopped doing the Maid of the Mist tours the week before we arrived. Ah well!

I have never seen googley eyes with lids. That's hilarious.