Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New customer cards ~Eva Andren!

Here are three things we love about our Swedish customers.

  • First, they share cards with us...making us here at Starving Artistamps happy and our blog incredibly active and always inspiring :o)
  • Second (and I have said this several before) the way they stamp is so free spirited and refreshing.
  • and third and probably most important they are great at using and reusing the same stamps frequently! This hobby of ours accumulates quite a bit of non consumable products. I think in the states we are more likely to collect stamps, possibly use them once or twice before we move on to the next stamp or the next new fad. I love that our Swedish friends truly seem to enjoy their stamps and make it a point to use them frequently. I myself am guilty of the "collection" aspect of our hobby. I'd really like to work on that. Lets try picking a couple of our favorite stamps and really explore the options with them! Because isn't that the beauty of our hobby? Being able to customize and use an image repeatedly!

Thank you to Eva for your always spectacular cards as well as serving to remind us that rubber stamps actually can be stamped more than once or twice!

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Lydia said...

Amen - Viva la Swedes! They are amazing.