Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Something new from Leigh O'Brien!

Are you ready to be blown away by some incredible new cards by our wandering designer Leigh O'Brien! You already know how big a fan I am of Leigh's work and you know how big a fan she is of the Doodles... In fact today we were emailing and trying to figure out what her "title" should be over here since she is really more of a freelance designer for us. I realized last time I posted her cards I called her a wandering designer which I kind of like, but here are the ideas Leigh came up with for her design title:

  • DoodleFanatic
  • Special Contributor
  • Doodles Designer
  • Doodleedoos
  • Guest Doodler
  • Factory Worker (my favorite!)
Well I have to say, whatever we end up titling her, you can see she certainly deserves a title!

Is this sad Gio card totally cute or what!

Delicious Lollipops!

Santa at the North Pole, tied with the sweetest lil' bow!


Donna said...

oh my - these are FANTASTIC! my favorite is Santa & his sleigh on ice!

The Doodle Factory said...

Hah, I love "Factory Worker" too, I should make some "Factory Worker" Badges. Tracey would be the Foreman and I would be...Assembly(Wo)Man?

Rose Ann said...

All of these are FANTASTIC!! I love Leigh's work!!

Muffin said...

Ooh, these cards are really amazing, love them!