Tuesday, December 2, 2008


If you visit our blog often you know that I have sung to the rafters the highest praises of Nina's cards, so imagine my excitement when during a routine visit to Nina's blogs I came across all of these cards I have not seen before!

Thanks Nina for providing all this inspiration!


Nina said...

Oh, had I forgotten to show you these? :) Thanks Tracey!!

Well, I've made some new ones with the Sweet Santa set -
unfortunately my SonyEricson mobile phone (=camera!) decided to go and DIE this weekend, and so the cards just lie around here and I cannot take pictures of them... *sigh*

Anyway, I've already ordered a new mobile phone/camera, and hopefully it'll be here tomorrow - so visit me again this weekend for some new colourful Doodle Factory updates! :)

Rose Ann said...

Nina's work is always stellar, and these are no exception!! Wow!!

Donna said...

Wow! These are great (as always)!

Little Doll said...

Can you please tell me what language these cards are in? I would like to research all the translations, with a translator like Babel Fish. Georgeous work!!! How do you shade those characters like that (like the little girl on the Halloween card)? Do you use color pencil???
keep up the great work!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!