Friday, December 5, 2008

TUTORIAL- Cling mounting stamps

I have had it in my mind for some time now to post a comprehensive tutorial on unmounted stamps and while I still want to cover all the different ways of working with unmounteds when one of our customers shared a tutorial on cling mounting I thought this would help out in the mean time.

One of our customers recently took the plunge and dived into unmounted stamps. She had some questions about how to mount them on wood but after some discussion with us and some research on google she opted for cling mounting her stamps instead. Since this is our preferred method of mounting unmounteds I thought I would share her wonderful tutorial with you in case you have been wondering how we use unmounteds over here.

Please note: we have both original and thin cling cushion mentioned in the tutorial available in the store as well as assorted sizes of acrylic blocks.

Here is Carmen's tutorial on cling mounting stamps:

Thank you Carmen for sharing your tutorial with us!

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.... Carmen said...

You're so welcome! Hopefully it helps some people out :)