Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Special Guest Designer - Dawn Mercedes

It has been a while since we brought in a special guest designer and I thought for this round we would ask one of our most loyal Doodle lovers to try her hand as a guest designer. Boy are we ever glad that our wonderful customer Dawn Mercedes agreed to take on the position and play with our new Valentines releases.

All artwork by Dawn Mercedes:

(This close up might look familiar! humm?
(it's on the website banner )

Idea to note:
that swirly background is actually the top of "Rose" from Valentine ReMix.
Is that some nifty masking or what?!

Idea to note:
Beezley is carrying the top of the box of chocolate, clever Dawn!

This is a Malbec spinner card.
Perfectly done and just too fun!

This is one SWEET box!
Whats in there? Cupcakes? Chocolates?
A big stack of handmade cards? I dont
know but darn if it ain't the cutest!

A valentine for someone far away.
Sad but, oh so cute!

Beautifully cut paper pieced "Violet" card

I think this is one of my top favorites of the lot.
I love how the two candies look like they are canoodling
and the perfectly coordinated colors in the
mini sweets background is just fantastic!
This card is great.
I love the red and pink with gray accents.

This is another one of my top favorites. I love the colors
and I never would have thought to put Chip on the vine.
I think Dawn did a STELLAR JOB with these stamps, don't you agree?
Thank You Dawn for all your hard work we LOVE your cards!


Juliana said...

W2G, Girl!!
These are FABULOUS!!!

Kim P said...

Fantastic Dawn!!! I love them all!!!

Deb said...

Whoa Dawn! Every single one of these is fabulous! Your love of these stamps just shines through and makes me smile! Congrats! Happy to say *I knew you when....* ;)

gremhog said...

These are amazing. I just don't have the 'vision' you do but am so glad I can copy!

Donna said...

Muy fabuloso! I love them ALL!

Starla said...

Great job Dawn!! I think you ROCKED the DT!!

Ellen said...

Hey Dawn! Ellie B from church here. WOW! When you said a couple of years ago that you finally found a hobby in stamping you really did, in a big way. Just fabulous!

Jennifer said...

Dawn, these are amazing! I wish I had your talent! I can't get enough of looking at all your creations! Simply beautiful!

mybearybest said...

I just love all the ideas that Dawn came up with for these cards! What a brilliant, creative mind she has! I'm going to order my first Doodlefactory stamps now. :)

~ Michelle

Muffin said...

WOOOOW, Dawn! These are all amazing, you're soo talented!!

Radical Stamper said...

Woohoo Dawn! These are awesome! Great job!

Radical Stamper said...

Dawn! Awesome creations!