Monday, February 2, 2009

Taste the Rainbow

If you weren't around for the initial call, I put out a challenge in the Starving Artistamps group at PaperCraftPlanet asking for cards made primarily in one color that could be put together to create a Doodle Factory Rainbow.

We had a great turn out and one particular participent even made an entire rainbow on her own!

Here's a birds-eye view of all the cards, but I know you're all going to want to get a better look at these, so click on the image for a slighter larger view, and be sure to check out the thread or the page with all the tagged images.

I apologize in advance if I screw up any of the coding or accidentally mix up any cards. Please notify me if I need to fix anything!

Jeanette/Tettiz: Row 1 (Cards 1 & 4), Row 3 (Card 2), Row 4 (Card 1 & 4), Row 5 (Card 2), Row 6 (Cards 1 & 4), Row 7 (Card 2), Row 8 (Card 2)
Sari/Sarispysselblogg: Row 1 (Card 2)
Nina Aaslund: Row 1 (Card 3), Row 4 (Card 3)
Lee Murphy/Luvleestamper: Row 2 (Card 1)
Dawn Nikol Row 2 (Card 2)
DawnMercedesRow 2 (Card 3), Row 5 (Card 5), Row 6 (Card 2)
Leigh O'Brien Row 2 (Card 4)
Donna D/Dee's Studio: Row 3 (Card 1), Row 4 (Card 2)
Eva A/Muffin:Row 3 (Card 3)
Juliana/Stampin' With Inky Fingers: Row 3 (Card 4)
Susanne/Eleocharis: Row 4 (Card 5)
Elina Row 5 (Card 1)
Kathy Daume/Pretty In Ink Row 5 (Card 3)
Irene/Doodle FactoryRow 5 (Card 4), Row 8 (Card 3)
Petraso:Row 6 (Card 5)
Maria/Ria's Creations: Row 6 (Card 3)
Lori T/Inking Aloud: Row 7 (Card 1), Row 8 (Card 1)
Donna B/Stampamaniac: Row 7 (Card 3)


Juliana said...

This is just WAY TOO COOL, Irene!!!!
Thanks for putting it all together!!

Donna said...

Well done!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

sweet! I was going for a rainbow a la dawn..but well... not enough time! (And I had submitted 2 previously posted cards! haha) I sure want to make that orange card that I started. Thanks for organizing such a fun challenge!

Zarah said...

Oh my... WOW! That's really something - it's sooo pretty!
(Both as a whole and divided intop separate cards. What amazing artists there are out there!)

Hattifnatt said...

Wow, this is so cool! I love all those colours and the fun, playful cards! The DF rainbow ROCKS!!

Hattifnatt said...

Wow, this is so cool! I love all those colours and the fun, playful cards! The DF rainbow ROCKS!!

Petraso said...

Wow So Beutifuel to See!!!

judy anderson said...

This is sharp.

Tettiz said...

It's fantastic to see all the cards made for this challenge put into a massive DF-card rainbow! It's absolutely AWESOME!!

Thank you so much for inspiring us to do this!!! :D

Petraso said...

had to look agin and a agin love the rainbow Hiii it is only 7 swedish in this challange..... and we are a small small country...... bu the rainbow shines a lot in Sweden!

Donna said...

wow! love the rainbow of cards! awesome idea

Angie said...

This is wonderful. Great job everyone! I wish I had been able to participate but moving really messes up my mojo, and my INK still isn't here yet!

Leigh O'Brien said...

Oooohhh...just found the rainbow. I love it....I'm all about colorful! Great job, everyone!