Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super-Dad to the rescue & Super-Mom baby gate

Super Dad

Super-Dad came to Izzy’s rescue and got her away from the big bad snake in the jungle!!  Izzy is here flying in a mini plane over Seattle declaring her dad a Superhero to the city! 

baby gate

Now Izzy is in trouble and can only play out in the front yard being supervised real closely by Super-Mom {when in reality her  mom is not all that super if she allows her toddler to play in the front yard these days unsupervised in the first place – after all this world is not such a safe place like it used to be}

Sets: Doodlefactory Super Parents, Oh, Baby!, Sentiments Baby,   Country, Urban

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Lydia said...

OOOOOOOOMG - I am laughing so hard right now!

You are awesome!!

Karina said...

Lovely cards with the new stamps!