Thursday, October 15, 2009

Special Guest designer spotlight, its all about Eva!

If we were handing out a prize for our most prolific card making friend, it would have to go to Eva Andren. In fact, it would be a landslide. Eva's DoodleFactory blog entries on her blog alone could probably rival our company art gallery in quantity (almost).

So much so that after visiting her blog recently I realized we have 44 unshared personal cards Eva has made for her friends and family! And another 5 additional cards we asked Eva to make us for her new guest spotlight. One of the best parts of having special guest designers doing spotlights for us is that we get to keep their gorgeous cards and display them at trade shows all over the country for all to see! Seeing cards in person completely takes them to another level. I wish that the photos we have could show you just how perfectly detailed these gorgeous, well made cards are.

Today we are going to share with you all the cards Eva made for us for her guest spot, and in the coming weeks we will be posting the other FORTY FOUR cards she has recently made.

Eva selected our Into the Woods DoodleFactory set for her spotlight and she really rocked it:

This card is impressive in person, the photo on this just does not do it justice. Each and every leaf on that tree is cut out and individually attached giving this card so much more texture IRL.

this sneaky little card was hiding from us from our last Eva spotlight, bad little monkey card!
But just too cute not to post. OK, its not an "Into the woods" card but it had to be shown!

Look for lots more Eva cards coming in the near future.

Also, in other exciting news we have a blog hop coming up in 5 days. There will be an official announcement and button going up soon but I wanted to make sure you knew that something is coming and its BIG!!! It's going to be out of this world! So mark your calendars for Tuesday October 20th for our New Release and one day only Blog Candy giveaway!

Big thank you to Eva Andren for her fabulous guest spotlight cards
and for helping to fill our gallery with gorgeous new artwork!


Tammy said...

Great card line up.
"Your So Foxy" - Brilliant!
I love it.

DoodleFactory said...

I'm very lucky to be a recipient of actual Eva cards, and they are indeed even more magnificent in person. Keep up the awesome work Eva!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Gorgeous cards, Eva!!

Michelle said...

Fabulous cards! Can't wait to see the other Fourty-Four. :)

Nina said...

Eva, you're one of my favorite card makers...and these ones are FAB! Absolutely beautiful!