Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New from Nina!

It's always a treat to visit Nina's blog and find some new amazing creation. What's even cooler is that she lets us swipe all this fabulous art to post in our gallery for all our friends to see!

Stamps used:
Dead fish from Starving Artistamps DoodleFactory Outdoors collection

Isn't this a yummy delicious saturation of color?
colored with copics of course!


Nina how did you make the beautiful blue and green sky background, is that paper?

Stamps used:
Starving Artistamps DoodleFactory Roof tops, pigeons and Jungle backdrops found here:


Starving Artistamps Gus (ladybug) from DoodleFactory Animals Collection:


Thank you so much for sharing your art with us Nina!


Karina said...

Beautiful work Nina!!

Muffin said...

No doubt - Nina is the best! :)

Nina said...

Thanks Tracey, Eva and Karina - you girls are too sweet!!
The background of the djungle card is an old patterned paper from Rose Moka...the "Sous-bois":