Sunday, January 17, 2010

Petra's murder mystery card!

You know a card is going to be incredibly detailed when it takes you seven photos to show it off! This outstanding piece of artwork is shared by another one of our Swedish customers Petra Soderstrom. Petra created this card for her husband as part of his christmas present. The present was a three course meal at a murder mystery restaurant, where, while you dine the actors preform the show.

Stamps used: Starving Artistamps DF Classic Decor
To make his present a little more fun she created this card with his own little murder mystery inside. His job was to find the murder weapon. See for yourself how this mystery unfolds:

He finds the bottle of poison on the table. But the cup of wine has been spilled, it's not the murder weapon but a little ruse by Petra to misdirect!

It is only with a closer look that a concealed flipped up pillow reveals:

It was a knife hidden in the chaise!

To see more of Petra's fantastic projects you can visit her blog:

Special thanks to Petra for sharing this card with us and to Nina for being one of our biggest liaisons between us and all the super talented card makers on that side of the pond!


DoodleFactory said...

Truly the most fantastic use of the Classic Decor set that I've seen. Bravo!!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

OH wow! what great way to package the mystery dinner!!

Petraso said...

My deer friends petra and anna maria are fab to make card!

Jenn said...

That is AMAZING!!!

KanataNewf said...

Wow! What an incredible card!

Muffin said...

I met Petra last summer (in a crafty shop, of course) and apart from being a genious card maker she is a real sweetheart! This card is really amazing! :)

Donna said...

Holy Moley! This card is amazing!

Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo said...

Wow! thats an awesome card!!! Extremely cool and so well done :)