Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Technique Junkies "Corduroy" Rainbow butterflies card

I made this background a long time ago when I submitted this technique to the Technique Junkies Newsletter, which was just featured this month called "corduroy". If you are not a subscriber it is a great little monthly full color newsletter that is chock full of fun and exciting techniques, there's even an online only budget friendly option: http://www.patstamps.com/Newsletter.html

Here's a better shot of the wings in action:

How to:

line up stripes of 1/8" wide Stampers Magic tape on black cardstock, I just eyeballed it. Go from the top to the bottom of the cardstock, I like to do enough for more than one project.

Cut pre taped cardstock to the size you want before you start loading it with your glitters.

To start, remove tape liner from all stripes you want to be a certain color. Dump glitter, flocking, or anything else you want to make your stripes out of on to the strip of tape. Rub the stuff in to make sure its nice and stuck. Return excess back to the jar and then continue to do this for as many colors as you plan to use. (I do all stripes of a color at the same time)

Once all the stripes are done I cut the piece apart to make the various blocks. I spread them apart and mounted them to a black cardstock base.

For the butterflies I stamped (2) of each size. Colored them with copics and then attached the first one on top of the second one. I used Black 1/4" Stampers Magic Foam to keep the wings raised.

Products used:


Cethosia butterfly


Cethosia butterfly jumbo


1/8" wide stampers magic tape


flower soft


Donna said...

Very, very cool, T!

Laura Davis said...

Very pretty! I bet in person it's stunning :)