Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eva's yummy projects

I think if I had to choose who would hold the title for the most prolific card creator I know it would have to be Eva Andren. I know that when I visit her blog I will discover a treasure trove of unseen new cards ( Today's artwork mostly shares cards featuring our new DoodleFactory Creatures II stamps. This first card shows off two tasty characters from our Valentines Remix set Carmello and Sprinkle:

What a deliciously colored duo of sweets!

Happy Birthday Petra!

Sentiment used:

(translation: "not beautiful but rare" )

close up of Spinkle oustandingly colored:

close up of the incredibly well colored Clowd:

Thank you to Eva Andren for allowing us to show off all the amazing cards you make!


Dawn Mercedes said...

Great collection!! Can Eva explain the dates on the cards? Is that the tradition for birthdays there? Just wondering!! Thanks.

Karina said...

Absolutely gorgeous cards. Love Eva´s design and colouring.

Laura Davis said...

Super CUTE work!!!

Muffin said...

Thanks girls! :)
The dates on my cards are birthdays (or wedding days or whatever). I can't say that it is a tradition here but I like put both the name and date on the card when it is for a special occasion like birthdays, weddings, graduations etc. I think that makes the card even more personal and special.

Donna said...

I love every single card you make, Eva...your work is such an inspiration!