Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amazing card by Petra Söderström

Petra Söderström has done it again! Petra impressed us with her amazing murder mystery card ( ) and has really set the bar with her next creation featuring images from our DoodleFactory Classic Decor and Boudoir Set.

Stamps used:
Boudoir images:
Classic decor images:

I asked Petra to tell us the story behind this card and here it is...

A couple of months ago my friend moved in with her boyfriend. This is a congratulations for her Birthday as well as a moving in together card. My text on the blanket on the floor inside the card is her congratulations. But I hope they will be helping to grow the population in Stockholm (where they have moved to) real soon ;o) It is my friend and her boyfriend in the bed on the front of the card and the inside is telling a little story... They had been drinking some wine on the blanket and then they took off all their clothes and ran off to bed!

(check out the hands and leg peeking out from under the covers!)

To see more of Petra's amazing artwork you can visit her blog at:

Thank you for sharing your fabulous project with us Petra!


Laura Davis said...

Beautiful, I love all the detail!

Dawn Mercedes said...

so well thought out! Wow!

Muffin said...

Amazing as always, I love this!