Saturday, June 12, 2010

New from Nina!

Translation: "I like you"

Translation "Miss you"

Translation "Do you have a party?"

If babblefish is correct this says
"worlds best mom"

Refresh my memory on this one Nina?

Nina these are just wonderful!
Thank you for always being such an amazing source for inspiration!


Dawn Mercedes said...

love the vivacious colors!

Nina said...

Thanks Tracey, thanks Dawn!

Well done on the translation there, miss T!
The sentiment for the card with the yellow Goonter is "Hello hello, a terrible lot of hello" sounds odd translated to English, but it's a line from an old Swedish childrens' song.
The sentiment for the pink/grey/black card with Spinkle is "How are you doing?" ;)


Karina said...

Nina you are so talented. Love your colouring, your color composition... it all ; )

Anita Hovey said...

Pure Awesomeness...I just love your sense of color Nina!

Laura Davis said...

Swoon, these are all fantastic!!