Monday, September 6, 2010

Kai and Cort Tinsel Glitter card

I made the background to this card months ago and couldn't figure out exactly what to do with it once I made it. It sat and sat in my studio in a pile of other background cards just waiting for inspiration. Originally I was going to do a clown/circus theme with it but the black was a little too strong. Today I had an epiphany and this is what I came up with. I really love how this one came together.

Kai and Cort

Kai and Cort from DoodleFactory Ghoulies collection:

Punches: Martha Stewart bat and rat border punch

Tape: Stampers Magic Red Liner 1/4" tape

Tinsel Glitter Martha Stewart

How to do the tinsel stripes background:

Add stripes of 1/4" stampers magic red liner tape to a white panel.

Pick out the colors for your tinsel glitter. Count the colors so you know what stripes to make each color. Peel off the liner to the tape going by color and add the tinsel. Then go to the next stripe and add the tinsel for the new color and so on... easy and not too time consuming if you use a thick tape.

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Dawn Mercedes said...

I had made a few of these backgrounds in the past...but couldn't figure out a good way to use them. This is such a great idea to bring a little "life" to a "deathly" themed card! haha