Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Customer artwork Eva and Helena

Everyone has been buzzing about the new Swedish collage style challenge and I have to say I'm really excited to see how you guys interpret this distinctly unusual style! Actually, I'm pretty darn excited to participate as well! Remember you have almost two weeks to email us your card to get entered into the prize drawing. We hope you broaden your stamping horizons and take on our challenge and please try to spread the word! Spreading the word is so important in helping keep this gallery and your stamp collection growing! Spreading the word means more beautiful eye candy and more blog candy!!

In the mean time this gallery will still be filling up steadily with loads of inspiration.. Just like right now... We have a bunch of new cards for you shared by our good friend Eva Andren and a NEW customer and fantastic stamp artist Nina's pal Helena!

I'm going to start off with Helena's cards because these brilliant works of art are not only creative but impeccably executed! We can also thank Nina for these cards because Nina sent Helena to us. Nina told Helena to send us her cards because it makes us happy. LOL Nina, you are so right!! Beautiful new and fun cards really do make us happy! Thank you for thinking of us!

Helena did you STITCH those letters!???

And now here are few new cards from Eva A. Just in time to get really psyched about the Swedish Collage style challenge here are some new SCS cards to whet your appetite!

Just a reminder about what makes these cards Swedish Collage style...





Are you inspired yet?

Thank you so much for sharing Eva and Helena!!


The Doodle Factory said...

These colorful cards make me so happy as well. I think I just died from the cuteness. I'm so excited to see all the challenge entries.

Donna said...

these are awesome! My favorite is Yoris holding the pink heart - Valentine's Day! sweet

HelenaK said...

I'm so glad you liked them!! Yay!! And yes, I handstitched the letters. I'm all about stitching right now :)

Zarah said...

These gals are awesome for sure! :D

Chris said...

Love this style. Definately will try it out!

Rose Ann said...

All of these are so amazing and inspirational!! Bravo, ladies!!