Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We CHALLENGE You! -Swedish Collage Style

We are running our first ever company sponsored challenge and we are inviting all of our wonderful customers and readers to participate! The challenge will run until October 1st. Everyone who participates will be put into the raffle and one person will be chosen by random number generator to win YOUR CHOICE of one FULL SHEET of Starving Artistamps or DoodleFactory unmounted rubber stamps!

Here is your challenge should you choose to accept it!

If you are a regular visitor to our gallery you have on numerous occasions come across artwork shared by our customers. More than half of those are shared by our swedish customers and involve a style we have come to name the "SWEDISH COLLAGE STYLE". We challenge you to share a card with us that shows your version of the swedish collage style. Our design team will also be participating and their projects will be featured here and in our art gallery.

There are several key points which regularly appear in swedish collage style stamping...

  • the shape of the card is SQUARE
  • a bold mix of PATTERN PAPERS is used
  • CHIPBOARD titles (in any language!), BUTTONS and/or STAPLES are often incorporated into the design
  • COLOR COLOR COLOR the more color the better! (this is not your regular vintage style collage frequently done in the states! Ban the brown!)

Think you are up to the challenge?

Here is how you can participate. From now until October 1st email us a link to your blog showing your version of the swedish collage style challenge card. Please include your name in your email. (if you do not have a blog you can upload to any card gallery and email us that link) We will post your links here and on the company blog

Here is our email for questions and submissions:

Below are a few examples of some of my personal favorite swedish collage style cards. Still not sure what swedish collage style stamping is? Click the customer shared artwork label at the right for more examples.

To make winning fair to all, each participant will get one entry into the raffle. We would LOVE it if you were inspired to do more than one card, but its still ONE PERSON per RAFFLE ENTRY.
But just imagine all the good karma that might come your way if you were kind enough to share more of your art with the community and we would be especially grateful if you helped us SPREAD the WORD about our challenge!


Zarah said...

That is AWESOME! I am so gonna give this a go, even though I am more the shabby cardmaker, normally. I adore this style though and wish I was better at it.

Until my card is made, my blogs showcases links to this post - to make sure I get a LOT of competition. Um... I must be mad! ;)

Muffin said...

Wow Tracey, this is great - you're such a sweetheart!! I'm very excited about the challange and very happy and proud to be a part of the inspiration for it. Of course I have already written about it on my blog and will enter this challange with at least one card before Oct 1st.
Hugs from Eva

Lauri said...

Here is the link to mine! I think I went a bit overboard...haha!

SmilynStef said...

Such a fun challenge ... thanks for the chance to win some more wonderful stamps. Here's my:

Zot Swedish Collage

Tink said...

Sent an e mail yesterday but here's mine..