Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eva has done it again

There are two very big reasons why I adore our Swedish friends as much as I do.  First has got to be the sheer volume of cards that they are inspired to create on such a regular basis.  I say this all the time, they are such a prolific group of stampers!  You can feel the pure happiness that just radiates off their projects!  And what excites me even more is how free spirited their cards are. Their cards have this overwhelming feeling of joy.  Always brilliantly done and well balanced but yet also frequently asymmetrical, something we here in the states seem to struggle with.   

Here are some great examples, check out these new cards shared by Eva Andren!

Stamps:  Beezley from Valentine ReMix DoodleFactory Collection
This is probably one of my most favorite cards in the lot.  I love all the COLOR!

Stamp: Moki Tropic DoodleFactory Collection
Stamps:  Star from Santa's Sweet Shoppe and Gus from Animals DoodleFactory Collections.
Stamp: Blip from Urban DoodleFactory Collection
Stamp: Squirt from Animal DoodleFactory Collection
Stamps: Scoober from Creatures and Hearts from Sweets N Hearts DoodleFactory Collection
I really love this card too.  The color is awesome and I love how Eva put the red stripe paper behind the torn multi color paper. It totally works. You should try this technique for yourself!

Stamp: Taxicab from DoodleFactory Urban Collection. 
Also to note: that super cute monster looking fellow is a virus stamp drawn by Nina Aaslund! Frequent visitors to our gallery know I rarely will put up a card with outside stamp company images (unless we carry them of course) BUT when it comes to Nina's images I adore them and Nina so much that for her... we look the other way.

This card makes me happy!
Stamps used: Blox from Animal DoodleFactory collection.

Special thanks to Eva for these great cards! 


Muffin said...

Thank you, Tracey!! I'm just so happy that you like my cards enough to post them on your blog and all your kind words almost make me blush! :)

Nina said...

In my opinion, Eva is one of the best card makers in the world...and the projects shown here are good examples of that! Love your style, Eva!!

There is no coincidence that both me and Eva have fallen deeply in love with the Doodle Factory stamps. It's such a joy to use them. These funky, goofy, funny and unique stamps suit our colorful assymetric Swedish style PERFECTLY! A match made in heaven! :)

Donna said...

These are much to take in all at once. I'll be looking at them for days trying to catch every little detail!