Friday, January 30, 2009

You're gonna SWOON!

When you see all the incredibly delicious eye candy that Nina Aaslund has shared with us. Your going to go into sugar overload because these cards are so SWEET! So I hope you are sitting down, because here they are!

translation: YIPPEE!
Stamps: "Jippie" from swedish sentiment sheet, Malbec from
DoodleFactory Collection Valentine ReMix)

Translation: You are Sweet!
Stamps: "Sprinkles" and large Cupcake w/ cherry
from DoodleFactory Collections:
Valentines ReMix, and Sweets N Hearts.
Sentiment: Swedish sentiments sheet

Is this coloring amazing or what!

Translation: "Worlds Finest"
Stamps: Sentiment -swedish sentiments sheet
Rose from DoodleFactory Collection Valentines ReMix

Loose translation:
"Congrats! May you live for a HOUNDred years"
(it's a swedish pun, derived from a swedish birthday song)
Stamps: Stewie -DF Valentines ReMix
Sentiment: Swedish sentiment sheet

Stamps: Zot -DoodleFactory Creatures collection
Sentiment -Swedish sentiment sheet

Stamp- Beezley DoodleFactory Collection Valentines ReMix

Isn't it nice of Nina to include all these close up shots!
Dont you just LOVE to see how incredible her coloring is!

Stamp- "Violet" from DoodleFactory Valentine ReMix collection

I really need to get myself some of those frames!
(or make them with my nesties?!)

Stamp: Esme from DoodleFactory Valentines ReMix set

Tell me, how beautiful is the coloring on Esme! She just GLOWS in Purples!
(we sure could use a close up for this one, Nina. *wink*)
Always such a joy to share Nina's cards with you guys.
I really hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do. If you do please
consider leaving a comment and telling Nina how super fantastic her cards are!


Nina said...

Thank YOU Tracey!! Thanks for your sweet words, and as always I feel very honored to be published here on your gallery blog!

Your Swedish skills are actually quite impressive - "Världens finaste" do mean "Worlds finest"! ;)

Muffin said...

All these cards are just awesome and Nina is such a great artist! A visit to her blog is sheer bliss!

Donna said...

Wow! That's all I'm can come up with...these are so wonderful that I'm pretty much speachless!!!