Saturday, February 7, 2009

Set the Scene project booklet

Today is the day of our new release blog hop. If you haven't started your hop stop reading and go visit our company blog for the list! There are so many amazing projects and one of us has blog candy! If you are already done with the hop but just cant get enough of our great new DoodleFactory backdrops then read on!

Normally I'm someone who is big on instant gratification, so this project was a demonstration of my patience. It took a few hours to put this project together but I really love it and I think it was worth it. See if you can guess what the theme for this booklet is!

This is the inside of my four panel accordion booklet:
Page 1 and 2

Page 3 and 4

Back of booklet, grosgrain ribbon secured with ATG gun
and reinforced with red snaps (on the inside)

This is the cover:

I ran into some technical difficult when I realized all the backgrounds
except for the jungle are all horizontal! So I did some clever editing some
nipping and tucking and expanded the vertical layout on the jungle
by adding the plant and vines to the sides.

Here is a close up of page 1:

Here is a close up of page 2:

Here is a close up of page 3:

Here is the last page, which ties in the whole theme:

So what's the theme? Well it's returning home!
Be it by airplane, skateboard, helicopter, taxi or bicycle,
however you have to get there, just get there!
Stamps used:
Set the Scene backdrops: Jungle, Tropical, Countryside, and Rooftops.
DoodleFactory collections:
Urban: skateboard, helicopter, airplane, taxi, guaco the mole
Valentine ReMix: vines and plant, chip the monkey
Outdoors: sneeq the racoon and the bicycle
Fairytale: princess winifred
Creatures: Skoober
Sentiment: From Urban sentiment set # 2
Tomorrow we will be posting lots of new art from one of our guest designers, these are projects you really do not want to miss!


Zarah said...

WOW! Stunning! That must have taken ages - but it's sooo pretty!

Donna said...

My gosh, T, no wonder we haven't heard much from you this past week!!! This is such an awesome idea and I just love the way you mixed everyone up. Very, very, cool!!

Lisa Somerville said...

Such a fun, colorful book!

Leigh O'Brien said...

This is so awesome...I just love it!

Juliana said...

T, this just ROCKS!!!!!

Awesome coloring and details!!!

Stefanie said...

So cool Tracey! I love your book. Each page is so fun! I couldn't even tell that you had to fudge the jungle scene until you pointed out how you did it.

Muffin said...

WOW Tracey, this is just awesome! I love what you did to expand the jungle - very clever!
Now I must go back and look at all of it again...:)

Lydia said...

Tracey this is CRAZY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe you did all these - what a great way to launch the scenes!! Amazing.

This was so fun!!

The Doodle Factory said...

Wow Tracey, you've outdone yourself!

LOVE the transportation themed booklet and your clever solution for the jungle (which is my favorite of yours - who would have thought to fly Chip through the jungle in an airplane????)

Donna said...

Tracey - this is so cool! love it a lot, esp Chip in the plane

Heidi said...

This freakin' rocks girl! I love all of the colors and how you used the cab and plane as a background! I'm so stealing these ideas!