Monday, August 15, 2016

PLANNING: SW5W -Same Week 5 Ways...

Yup, TWO posts in the same day.

If you haven't figured it out already I have jumped on the planner train big time.  I have been using planners for my business for years. I've scrapbooked and rubber stamped for decades. It's a logical fit to mesh them all together into this glorious decorative planning craze.   So when Irene at the DoodleFactory told me she was available to collaborate on some new stamps the first thing that came to mind was planner icons.  I wanted to make a massive collection of planner stamps, the set of all sets to cover every possible need. It ended up being 160 adorable stamps which now live on my desk full time and that I use in my planners daily.  So along with all the great stamps, stickers and washi tape you might want, you of course need a planner (or two or three!) and I decided to justify (indulge) my love of all things paper by buying a few of the planners I like the most.  That is when the idea for doing this Same Week 5 Ways (SW5W for short) came up.

So my idea was to do a planner spread of the same events I document in the same week for each planner. There is some variation on the placement and I *might* have got a couple of things mixed up, but it was my first time doing this so cut me a little bit of slack this go round.

I learned a lot of things doing this project. First, it was a lot of fun and second I learned there is no such thing as the coveted "planner peace".  Although, there are several things I like about each planner like the high quality paper and integrated book band in the InkWELL press Classic and Flex planners. Like the gorgeous covers, awesome pouch, perpetual calendar, and generous amount of stickers in the Erin Condren Life Planners or the lovely paper quality (second only to the IWP), great flexibility large amount of coordinating products and an incredible price point of the Mambi Happy Planner.  (Seriously, if you can embrace the disc binding of this planner this is the best quality planner with an unbelievably low price tag). Or the more portable size of the A5 filofax Saffiano with undated inserts from the NeedWants on Etsy.

So here is how my first ever SW5W's came out:

InkWELL Press Classic (Mid-year 2016-2017)

InkWELL Press FLEX (Mid year 2016-2017)

Mambi Happy Planner (18 month 2017)

NeedWants on Etsy (A5 Week on Two printable undated)
in Filofax A5 Saffiano Binder

(alphabet stamps by Atelier Dreams)

Erin Condren Life Planner 18 months 2017

The only thing I did have to change up was the stickers  (All the stickers I used are from MAMBI), since I did not have enough duplicates but I did try to add stickers that were similar but still coordinate with the colors within the planners.

Well, that's was fun, I hope you enjoyed seeing the results as much as I enjoyed working on these spreads from last week.